Solar in Illinois- Steady steps towards a cleaner, healthier environment

Illinois is a midwestern state in the USA replete with nature’s bounty, such as wetlands, lush thickets, rolling hills, expansive farmlands, and so on. In order to retain its pristine beauty, the state and its people are gradually taking progressive measures. By harnessing solar energy, it is possible to protect natural resources and use them in a sustainable manner. For a better tomorrow, Illinois is finally switching to a renewable power source -solar energy.

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Why do homeowners prefer solar in Illinois?

The government and concerned authorities offer some highly beneficial solar incentives, which encourage the residents to go for solar in Illinois. After all, who does not love saving some money or enjoying some relaxation while producing clean and green energy? Also, the cost of solar panels in Illinois is quite reasonable and has come down over the last few years.

Illinois solar incentives 2022

  • Illinois net metering:

    The extra amount of solar energy that you produce goes back to the grid and gets distributed to those who require it. In return, you will get free credits on your energy bills.


  • SREC incentive:

    Illinois aims at producing at least 25% of electricity from solar power by the year 2025. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the government has come up with an adjustable block program. The program has been named beautifully as Illinois Shines. Under this program, each homeowner with a solar setup will receive SREC or Solar Renewable Energy Credit for every megawatt-hour of solar power. These solar credits can then be sold in the market.


  • Illinois solar tax credits 2022:

    How can you forget the attractive Investment Tax Credit facility? It offers a whopping 26% reduction in your solar PV installation expenses. All you need to do is pay for the expenses in cash or take a solar loan.


  • Property tax break:

    Fret not if your property taxes are going high! Your home value will definitely increase as soon as you install residential solar panels in Illinois. However, because of the property tax exemption offered by the government, you need not pay property tax on the increased value of your home.


  • Illinois solar rebates 2022:

    Utility companies in Illinois offer attractive rebates to the homeowners and bring down the out-of-pocket expenses on the installation of home solar panels in Illinois. In case you are an eligible utility customer, you can get $250 for every kW of solar power you produce for your commercial property. But make sure that your solar panel set up does not exceed 2000 kW in capacity.


We are sure that the Illinois solar program 2022 and several other incentives have inspired you to opt for solar installation. However, you will require the service of the best solar companies in Illinois to proceed further. Bright Light Savings USA will come to your rescue and connect with top-notch solar installation companies. We serve as the facilitator between both the parties and have helped numerous households to date to go solar in Illinois.

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