Switch to solar power in Connecticut!

Solar power is the ultimate source of renewable energy, and once you understand its immense power, you will end up relying on it completely. Solar energy brings in numerous benefits, which make it a way better option than other conventional forms of energy. If you stay in Connecticut, you must be aware of how rapidly people are switching to residential solar in Connecticut. A place with ample sunlight and suitable weather conditions, Connecticut encourages enhanced reliance on solar power.

best Residential Solar in Connecticut

Why should you opt for solar in Connecticut?

  • Heat and light energy: Solar power in Connecticut produces a steady source of light and heat energy using photovoltaic solar panels. The best part is that heat and light can be produced at a very cost-effective rate.


  • Inexhaustible and renewable source of energy: Solar power is inexhaustible in nature. Unlike gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy sources, solar power is a renewable source of energy that supports sustainable growth and development. If you wish to contribute towards the well-being of future generations, then switch to solar energy in Connecticut.


  • Zero-emission of greenhouse gases: Solar energy is absolutely clean and green as it does not add to greenhouse gases during the energy generation process. It is indeed a viable solution that ensures that solar energy has zero impact on climate.


  • Competitive and cost-effective price: Solar power is a cost-effective source of energy as compared to conventional energy sources. Solar photovoltaic helps in bringing down expenses drastically. It is one of the most sustainable solutions and is an economically viable option as the solar panels cost in Connecticut is absolutely low and competitive.


  • Non-contaminating source of energy: If you have been looking for an energy source that is non-toxic in nature, then the installation of home solar panels in Connecticut can be your ideal option. Solar energy is absolutely harmless and does not emit contaminants into air, water or land.


  • Incentives: As per the solar laws in Connecticut, you will get some attractive incentives if you install solar panels at home.


Are you eligible for the installation of home solar in Connecticut?

  • Roof condition: Make sure you contact a professional solar panel installation company that inspects your roof before starting with the installation process. Your roof should not be damaged or old. Installation of residential solar in Connecticut is possible only when your roof has enough space, shade-less and is in new condition.


  • The slope of your roof: The roof should have a slope of about 10 to 30 degrees. It heightens the performance of solar panels and also helps in the proper drainage of rainwater.
  • Energy consumption for your home: The experts will first calculate the level of energy consumption of your home and then advise you about the type or grade of solar panels to be used.


Latest solar laws in Connecticut:

  1. A homeowner can increase the size of their solar panel set-ups considering future requirements: The new law allows homeowners to make room for solar setups that will cater to future requirements.


  1. Net metering: Because of net metering, customers can send out any excess amount of solar power to the grid as per the retail charges. The net calculation of power will be done on a monthly basis.


Is solar worth it in Connecticut

Bright Light Savings USA is a premium platform that connects homeowners with high-end solar installers in Connecticut. The appropriate weather conditions, willingness and progressive nature of residents and availability of low-cost solar in Connecticut have increased an inclination towards solar energy. Connect with us today if you have any queries or doubts about residential solar in Connecticut.