5 reasons that will compel you to go for a home solar panel installation

Our planet earth is getting heated up rapidly, resulting in melted glaciers and abnormal climatic changes all around the world. Environmentalists and scientists are suggesting every possible measure so as to stop this predicament. One of the most viable options is to harness solar power and rely on solar energy instead of conventional energy sources.

The USA is one such nation that is highly vocal about solar power harnessing and has started with multiple incentives to encourage people to make this switch. Installation of residential solar panels has multiple benefits. If you are doubtful whether or not to go for solar panel home installation, then scroll down and read on!

5 reasons to go for a home solar energy
  1. Increase your home value: Once you install solar panels for home use, your home value will increase. As per the recent surveys, properties that have solar panels installed in Florida cost higher as compared to other properties. So, the amount that you invest in setting up solar panels will easily be covered because of the hike in the price of your property. So, if you wish to increase your home value, then switching to the green and clean option of solar setup can indeed be a great idea.


  1. Save precious money: The installation of solar panels can bring down your utility bills to a great extent. Because of solar power, you won’t have to rely on expensive electricity. Instead, you can generate your own power and also earn from the same in the form of rebates, incentives, increased home value, and decreased energy bills. Besides, the solar panel cost for the home is quite feasible. So, it is a win-win situation indeed.


  1. Produce your own power: You no more need to depend on conventional electricity sources for lighting up your home. Once you start relying on solar energy, you will never experience a power black-out. All you need to do is add a battery backup to your solar PV system. Produce electricity using solar energy and store it for future usage.


  1. Solar rebates and incentive programs: The government offers multiple attractive incentives and rebates to motivate people to take the plunge and go for residential solar installation. Incentives like Investment Tax Credit helps in reducing the tax payment by almost 26%. Property tax exemption is also offered to homeowners because of which you won’t have to pay tax on the increased value of your property.


  1. Minimal maintenance: Solar panels installation is absolutely easy when you hire an expert for the same. Also, it requires zero maintenance. Once you get the setup installed, you do not have much to do. There will be absolutely no need for regular maintenance checks. So, the process is quite mess-free.


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